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Please Read Before Ordering!


How Does it Work?

It is simply the price of the piece(s) you choose, plus tax. No minimum purchase necessary. It includes everything you need! Our pottery paint is 100% guaranteed not to stain any surfaces! It washes off of everything with water! It is non-toxic and keeps almost indefinitely when sealed with a lid. Each kit includes a detailed How-To sheet. You can also give the studio a call with any questions.


How Do I Order?

 The pottery must be brought back to our studio to be fired; This is what makes the item a finished, functional ceramic piece! Just drop the box off back to us once finished and we’ll let you know once your pieces are ready for pick-up; Or, have us deliver and we'll bring it back to the studio for you! There is no shelf-life on painted pottery pieces; They can be fired at any time post-painting.  

Click the link below, add pieces to your cart, check-out, and select your pick-up or delivery method. The pieces must be brought back to our studio. If you choose to have us deliver, the cost includes us picking up your painted items and then returning them to your doorstep once fired as well!


Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery:

  • Curbside pick-ups: orders will be ready within 30 minutes of being placed. We'll notify you once it's ready too. Pull into our parking lot, give us a call, and we'll bring it out to you!
  • Delivery: Orders placed Sat-Tues will be delivered to your doorstep on Wedns between 12pm-2pm. Orders placed Wedns-Fri will be delivered on Sat between 12pm-2pm. We'll notify you once it is en route as well as when it is dropped off. 
  • Same-Day Delivery: Call ahead if you'd like to arrange for same-day or a scheduled delivery!